Harkenvald - Hissing Sea

Hissing Sea - Session VI

What lies beneath..

The heroes of Tilikkrit decided to explore the mines beneath the old dwarven outpost they had been clearing of gnolls. What they found was an abomination from the land below, a drider, who had invaded the mines while maddened by Turagalas' influence and caused the dwarves to collapse the access tunnel.

Starved to death in the long years since being trapped, the drider remained below with its treasure and former victims until it was finally destroyed by the heroes.






A copper chased drinking horn, inlaid with jade depicting subterranean creatures. (worth 250gp)

A set of gold rings set with bloodstones, engraved with designs of what looks like dwar (worth 750gp)

Hissing Sea - Session VI

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