Harkenvald - Hissing Sea

Hissing Sea - Session V
Clearing the Outpost

After a few days resting and reporting at Tilikkrit, the party return to the outpost to oust the gnoll interlopers. What happens next will depend entirely on how they go about getting rid of the gnolls.


Hissing Sea - Session IV

Descending into the ruined outpost, the heroes look for a strategic place to hold off the gnoll hunting party who drove them into the ruins at the end of the last session. Failing finding a fortified position to make a stand, the heroes seek to escape.

Hissing Sea - Session III

Finally arriving at the location of the Horselord cache, the heroes investigate the location and find a gnoll den excavated above a much older building. Clearing the den proper, the heroes are pushed into the ruins below to either seek a way out or a place to fight off the hunting party that tracks them.

Hissing Sea - Session II

The heroes departed from Tilikkrit toward the site of the supply cache described by the town's headman, Cazugan. On the way to the site they encountered a mated pair of griffons who took exception to being shot at.

Hissing Sea Campaign
Session One : Character Creation

Everyone made some progress toward cementing their characters for the Hissing Sea campaign.


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